Friday, 31 January 2014


Things have been cosy here. 

I’ve loved curling up in my new fluffy slippers…


Drinking gallons of tea from my lovely new mugs (Christmas present from my husband!), that have sat on my beautiful new coasters (present from Santa)…

Pip studio mug

…and enjoying some crochet.

Last year I was ever so lucky to have had something made especially for me, by one of my friends’ mums!  I think it the most fabulous way to carry my wool for my current projects.  Portable and pretty!

crochet bag!

It’s been tasked with keeping all the pieces together in a safe place for my latest project…

crochet bag!

So what has been my latest project I hear you ask?  Well I set off to make an amigurimi (that word always looks more akin to something from a sushi menu for sure!) toy for my little man, and then through conversation at work and an upcoming birthday for my friends’ girl, I thought I could make it for her instead…and so my poor little man has missed out again!  I really need to set down and make something solely for him.

We always are talking about which character is the most favoured at anyone time.  My little man’s been going through phases of Noddy, Peppa Pig, Postman Pat and the Snowman.  I get quite excited at the thought of the acceptance of a new character as it introduces a bit of variety for me after having to sit watching about 100 Noddy episodes!  My friends girl currently also likes Peppa Pig, and I understand that was to be the basis of her birthday cake.  So…I set about making a Pig! A George Pig…as apparently she likes him best.

I got lost in the pattern found here.  Quite a nice easy to follow pattern.  I enjoy the quick progress projects, however after I did two attempts of both arms and legs I did start losing the will to carry on…but then after a break, and another cup of tea, the pattern somehow made sense to me again.  Here he is in all his George Pig glory!…

Crochet Pig

Get off my tea Pig!

Crochet Pig

I particularly love his little curly tail…

Piggy tail

So, another successful project! Woo hoo!

It’s started raining again here.  As I look out of my living room window I am impressed with how my amaryllis is growing…  I love the pot it’s in.  Colours our lounge are to be based on when we get around to starting the decorating!


Cheerio for now.

Love from me and my little man x

Monday, 13 January 2014

Forgotten makes…

So I forgot to post about two other presents I had made (again sorry about the photo’s, in the rush up to Christmas they have been rushed and often in a dark room.  I need to get some photo tips on how to make my makes look good!)…here goes…

1) A reading pillow for my nephew.  I did a patchwork pocket so that he could keep books, teddies and any other goodies in for when he’s cwtched up reading…

Reading Pillow

I quilted the pocket to give it some rigidity.

Reading Pillow

And an Envelope backing to make sure it can be bunged in the washer…I’m sure there will be some chocolate smuggled into the pocket at some stage!

Reading Pillow

I am really pleased with this, and have some of my own cushion plans for my little mans reading corner in his room.

2) Bunting for my niece’s birthday present…  I am disappointed that I forgot to get a finished picture of this.  It had a red binding, and I thought it was very cute and colourful…perfect for a girls bedroom.


Love this fabric!

I finally think that is the end of my makes for 2013!  Now I need to get going again.  My craft room needs a little (a-hem…a lot…) clearing/cleaning.  It’s currently bestowing a furniture makeover which is a third complete and that’s giving me a mental mind block about getting in the room and sorting stuff out!

I have re-instated our kitchen blackboard as a “Jobs To Do” List to give us that visual prompt that there are always odd jobs that need to be done, and also to give us that feeling of satisfaction when we’ve completed something.  A lot of them, so far, have been man jobs (fixing switches, re-newing bath seals etc.) which have been swiftly ticked off the list and a few I have been able to act as a wingman wielding my tube of “No Nails”! Ha ha!

2014 is going to be a year of doing I feel.

Love from me and my little man x

Monday, 6 January 2014

Happy New Year–2014!

Happy New Year everyone!

Did you all have a good Christmas break?  Ours was hectic and fun!

We travelled up to Northampton for a wedding the weekend before which definitely put us in the festive mood.  It was such a beautiful venue filled with twinkling lights you couldn’t help but feel romantically Christmassy.  This is the venue…

Wedding venue

…just fantastic.

Then Christmas and my little man’s 2nd birthday (where on earth has the time gone?!) spent in my family home in Wales. Loads of food/drink, bundles of presents, board games and telly…a lovely time to get together.

Here are some Christmas presents that were hand made by me this year… they were all received well, and it gave me a sense of achievement to watch people unwrap their homemade goodies.

- a memo board for my mum

fabric memo board

- a desk buddy for my sisters crafting room so that she can put her scissors etc. in.  He turned out okay but I would make some changes in future designs.

Desk buddy

- Peg bag for my sister in law (sorry for the poor photo’s)

Peg bag


- Tree decorations for my friend and my cousin’s boys

tree decoration

tree decoration








tree decoration

It was a lovely time spent with family, but also a nice return to normality for us coming home after over a week away.  The familiarity of your own bed and sofa is second to none, and living out of a suitcase really is tedious!

I’ve taken down the Christmas decorations, something I always am keen to do, and the house has a new sense of space.  Already we are embracing some new adventures for the year ahead. I feel full of inspiration at the moment. Small DIY projects have already been ticked off the list, and some bigger projects on the horizon.

So I wonder what 2014 will hold in store for us?! Do you have any resolutions?  Mine are:

1) As an extension of last years resolution, is to reduce the amount of time spent travelling, and invest my time into enjoying my family.  Funny sort of resolution really, as you think that would come naturally, but I often feel the pressure to be so many places for so many people, that sometimes time spent simply with my family can become neglected.

2) Exercise more.  I’ve already signed up to a “Return to Netball” programme, and hopefully I’ll get my running shoes back on when the weather warms a little.

3) Consider selling some small crafty bits.

4) Continue being a wicked mum/wife! (Ha ha…okay, no one’s given me that title…but I’ll take it!)

Right time to get my crafting house in order!

Love from me and my little man x


Aberystwyth (my home town)…just a week before the devastation of the recent storms… x