Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Me and my little man went on a trip home to Wales to spend some time with his granny and grampy.  It was lots of fun with giggling everyday.  Lunches out, time on the beach, some time for me to to get my hair cut and shop, playing in the garden, visiting the zoo….

Here are some pics…

Some time on the beach -


“Kicking the Bar”


You can read about some of the theories behind why people kick the bar at the bottom of Constitution Hill in Aberystwyth here.  I believe the men used to kick the bar to attract the attention of the ladies in the halls of residence…My little man’s getting practice in early!

Wheelbarrow Fun -


Trooping up and down the lane with his wheelbarrow every morning.  And then taking it down to the orchard to fill his barrow with corn to feed the chickens!  How delightfully simple…




Zoo -

We bought our mum a Giraffe feeding experience at Chester Zoo for her birthday which meant a family trip to the zoo! Lots of picnics in the shade meant some fat ducks being fed picnic food (including an incident of a whole cherry tomato being swallowed…I feared we may have been chucked out for killing a duck!).  I think the Chimpanzee’s and Penguins were the boys favourites.  The giraffes were amazing close up. The cousins enjoyed running after each other.




I also had my little mans parents meeting at nursery to hear that he is on track and having lots of fun and excitement! Here is one photo from his report book that I just had to upload…my cute monster.


I hope you’ve been up to fun things in the sun?!

Love from me and my little man x

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Tremendous Tutu’s

Today was my first ever 5K Race For Life!

Here’s my Race for Life Story…

For a bit of team bonding in work we somehow decided that running a 5K would be a good option.  It sounds so good at the time…then the training starts and you think “hmmm…was this such a good idea?”.  Then the day gets closer and you get a bit like “Crumbs I don’t think I’ll be able to finish”. Then the day arrives and you think “I’m going to be useless”.  Then you’re at the warm up with friends thinking “Yes I can do this!”…and then you’re at the starting line and it’s too late to back out!

I did the couch to 5K plan to start my running off last year.  I though it would be a cheap, easy way to take up exercise to try and shift some of my baby weight.  I am no natural runner.  I huff, puff, have wibbly wobbly bits and I get quite a lot hot and sweaty (I always say to myself that everyone looks un-glam on the road to achieving glam!). It was hard but I achieved my 5K then, but then stopped when I returned to work.  This was a good opportunity to get back into running again.  

I was surprised how easily it is to lose condition when you stop, although I didn’t take too long to get back into the swing of things.  I aimed for 3x a week run…some longer runs, some shorter.  I think I’ve enjoyed it more this time. Maybe that’s due to having something to aim for.

We all met up at the start before splitting up to take to our sections.  I think we all look really glam! Here we are…


Outfit Time

Somehow in the planning, our team decided that we would all wear Pink Tutu’s to ensure our presence on the race course! Handmade Tutu’s of course. 

I went for 1metre each of 3x different coloured pink netting with some wide black elastic.  It cost under £4 to make so bargainous.  I toyed with doing a sewn version, but I went for tying the netting onto the elastic with a slip knot to ensure I had enough “Frufffff”!


The netting was troublesome to cut as it kept slipping all over the place…so each strand adopted it’s own personality! It took an evening to make so quick and fool proof.  Surprisingly it gobbled up fabric and  there was potential space for more, but I settled for what I had.


Here is the finished Tutu…

…(this is a post race photo so I am pleased to say it, and I, survived!)


I pinned my banner to my top…



My husband and my little man came along to join in the fun and cheer me on.  My niece made us some “Cheering” banners…


There was brilliant support around the course which definitely spurred you on.

My Run

So on one of the hottest days of the year (so far) I managed to run (or should I say melt) all the way around (except maybe 2mins of walking to rehydrate in the full blast of the sun).  The beginning was super annoying as there were lots of walkers I needed to weave in and out of, but then the spaces slowly opened up.  I was super proud to finish.  I’m not sure what time I did it in…I think somewhere between 35-45 minutes…I was just glad to have survived!


Here is me post race (minus the tutu which came off straight away!) brandishing my well deserved medal! I think my t-shirt is reflecting onto my face…ahem…sweaty!!











A post run picnic in the park was well deserved, so an obligatory family pic to finish off…I love my men!

What a wonderful day…I’m definitely going to do it again!

Lots of sweaty hugs,

From me and my little man x

Friday, 12 July 2013

Airing dirty laundry…

You shouldn’t air your dirty laundry in public…unless you have a pretty peg bag to go with it!

At last I can reveal a pretty little birthday present I have been working on!  I like home made presents as I feel someone’s put the time and effort and thought into making something unique for you.

I have had a few handmade presents over the years, including fabulous quilts and blankets made by my sister, personalised animations and pictures from my brother, a decorated hot water bottle cover from my sister-in-law, to name but a few.  I think these presents are the best…and I know no-one has another one like mine!

With my new found skills time for me to get gifting.  So I made bunting and a kindle cover for my fabulous friend Lara’s birthday, bag holders (filled with plastic bags as they charge you for these in Wales!) for a mothers day present, a few Easter gifts here and there…now for something harder to tackle…the mother-in-law! 

My sister had made me a peg bag from Cath K materials for one of my presents and I love how it makes my boring chores pretty.  So I thought I would spread the love and make one for my mother-in-law.  They’ve just had a new kitchen put in and she had mentioned she may look for Teal coloured accessories, so I had a look at some material that I thought may fit in with her theme (and if not…at least it would prettyfy her washing line!)

I looked at a few tutorials and set about work around my own template.  My learning point from this project is that I must have more accurate cutting out!  My cutting is slapdash!  It took me longer than the usual crafter I am sure as I did a bit here and there, and I deliberated before each stage and I had to re-trace  steps and un-stitch where my patterns didn’t match up!  I got there in the end though and here was the finished project.

Pretty peg bag


Pretty dusted pink mini spot fabric inside.  Cream binding with pink stitching.


I love it…and so did she!  It was good timing as well as her peg bag was falling to pieces.  Phew…a success!

Although…I did forgot to invoice my husband for materials, labour etc.!

Now lets hope this sunshine continues so that she has a chance to hang out her washing.

Love from me and my little man x