Monday, 4 August 2014

Pew restoration project!

A slightly different project this week.  My in-laws had their kitchen re-vamped a while ago now, and they had relegated a dark stained church pew to the garage. It desperately needed a new home. We thought we wouldn't have room for it at our house, but with a bit of re-thinking and measuring we found it may fit in.

Next came the challenge of transporting it from South Wales to Southampton! That was probably the biggest challenge as it didn't quite fit in the cars safely...and we kept umming and ahhing about paying a courier to deliver it.  Then when we forcibly had to upgrade our car this summer, and choosing an estate for our growing family, we found that we were in business.  The pew zipped its way down the m4/m3 and ended up in our garage ready for an upgrade!

I wish I had taken a proper "before" photo as it has undergone quite a transformation.  Below are a few pictures of before... My husband set about many long hours sanding back the dark stain to find a gorgeous Oak hiding.  We wonder why anyone would stain such a nice wood...but then that may be due to it's purpose/fashion at the time.  We don't know the history of the pew...but it's got a few gnarly and bashed bits, it's got the numerals VII engraved in a few places (we thought maybe it was intended for row 7 in the church maybe..?!) and a little metal bracket-y thing on the back shelf.  I'm sure it's had many a person sit on it through it's life.

Dark Stain


 So here's a picture of it in our garage undergoing sanding...


Then it needed a good wipe down to clean it up.  We had help to move it up to the house as it was so heavy and so a sword fight ensued between my little man and his Grampy with the Pew providing a safe barrier between them!
Cleaning up
And then the finished item in place...

I think it looks brilliant!  We are not sure whether to put a clear wax on it to finish it off, or to leave it as it is.  We will have a think.  I have the project of getting some nice wicker baskets to fit underneath to house our shoes, and also to find a fabric to re-upholster the foam cushion to fit along it's seat.  I am at a loss currently as to which fabric to pick...any suggestions gratefully received.

For the time being...we have already perched a few bums on the seat...

I'll keep you posted with any additions to the pew restoration project!

Love from me and my little man x