Monday, 21 October 2013

Time to refocus.

Refocus looks incredibly wrong.  Re-focus looks much better…but who am I to argue with the dictionary?! I am struggling to accept that my last blog post was back in August.  People have now started to comment on my quietness…so I’d better get blogging again!

We had a brilliant time in Portugal in August. Hot sunshine and lazing around make the perfect combination.  My little man did well with everything new that comes with travelling abroad and settled amazingly well.  A daily holiday ice cream was also definitely a winner!


Me and hubby managed to sneak off on a much needed “date night” which was one of my most favourite parts of the holiday.  Having time out to recognise who you are as husband and wife, rather than mummy and daddy.  That makes sense right?! We still make each other laugh, we still have lots to talk about, and we can simply just ‘be’ together…almost 5 years married…and I still love him. Pics from our date night… (a very small one of my husband as he will probably sigh, roll his eyes and not thank me for putting his picture on here!)


Another fun thing that has happened (which has even included a tiny bit of crafting) was a work camping trip.  A bit of team bonding in the ways of 2nights camping locally.  It was much fun and definitely to be a yearly event for sure.  The rain poured the first night and it was a tad chilly but we embraced the onesies to keep us warm! I was one of the pretty pandas!


What crafting was needed for camping I hear you ask?!…A team Flag! I whipped this up so quickly, but it did the trick…



As well as fun times we’ve also had sad times over the past few months…we had to have our pesky Timber cat put to sleep.  He was quite poorly and it was the kindest thing for him.  You can read a little about how we came about having Timmy here.  It was the saddest thing we’ve had to go through in a while and I still don’t think we’ve come to terms with the fact that he’s not around.   

To do something nice for Timmy, I have painted a marker for where he’s buried (a grave-stone just sounds too morbid…).  I was never very good at drawing/painting…but I’m pleasantly surprised with how this turned out.  I have popped it in the garden, and we’ve planted lots of bulbs around too.



I think Tim’s just catching lots of slow worms wherever he’s gone to…!

To regain the blogging/crafting mojo I have taken in lots of deliveries of gorgeous fabrics in order for me to get crafting again. Admittedly the majority are Christmas presents in nature so how much I will be able to show you on here will be debatable.  Maybe some sneek peaks, and if not some quick crafts to keep my hand in!

I hope you are all well.

See you soon.

Love from me and my little man x