Tuesday, 23 April 2013


I used to enjoy painting, especially the pain staking preciseness of cutting in.

These days I find that I enjoy the thought of painting and transformation, but definitely not the doing of painting! P1020821 I think this has come with having a little boy and learning to appreciate time.  Time that is better spent on more fun things, more fun than painting.  Short term pain, long term gain though – I spent one whole weekend single handedly painting our conservatory.  It was so desperate for a freshen up as condensation dribbles had marked the paintwork leaving it looking dowdy and dirty, and it has been so unwelcoming and un-inspiring.  I’ve painted it the same colour as the kitchen…a lovely fresh green which has instantly brightened up the room.  With a bit of re-jigging furniture and the addition of some new storage shelves it has become a more functional craft/office room. 

P1020819All this painting has taken over my crafting at the moment, and my sewing machine has only been used to take up our new curtains (first time I’ve altered something like this…it all goes a bit wobbly when there’s so much material involved!).  But now the room is ready.  (I have since found out that my curtain pole was put up on the wonk by my husband!…so I don’t feel so bad about my wobbliness now!)

I have also been painting the outside picket fence in the garden…I feel it’s all coming together slowly. I have the gate and the fence panels to complete yet so a bit more painting for me.  It’s not so bad outside as you don’t have too worry too much about the drips/splats, and even more enjoyable when the sun is shining.  I am looking forward to getting some bright flowers planted outside.

My little man also enjoys spending time in the crafting conservatory.  He uses the room to P1020764post pebbles and toys through the cat flap and of course to get his sticky mitts all over my clean windows!

I have a few plans ahead for some projects, I just need to set some time aside for myself and get cracking.

I trust you are all well.

Love from me and my little man x

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Thirty Years Young…

I have a most fabulous friend (Crofty) whom I love with all my heart! She is the sort of friend that you always have instantaneous laughter with, who always knows what you are thinking and who you can be at ease with in silence. We have the same ridiculous sense of humour and we just kind of…get each other…!

We met at Uni as we were doing the same degree, and when we found out we had matching birthmarks we knew we were supposed to be friends.  We have now known each other for 10/11years and we haven’t got rid of each other yet.   We’ve had some really good times with lots of laughter.  She was one of my beautiful bridesmaids, is a great aunty to my little man, and my husband’s (just about) got used to the idea he’s got to share me with her!

Well she’s only gone and turned Thirty! Where did that time go?!!! We are getting old…

For her birthday she had requested I make her some green/floral bunting…so I set on my project and made her some pretty bunting. Here it is…excuse the bad photo…I have yet to find a nice place to photograph my bunting hanging up!



As a little extra, I wanted to make her something special.  Crofty loves reading and has always got her nose in some book at bedtime.  This year she’d got a kindle…so a much more portable library for her.  I decided to make her a kindle cover so I had to do a bit of sneaking to find out which version she had so I got the measurements right.  I then found this tutorial and set about making.  I wanted to get lots of pretties in there, so I turned my hand at my first patchwork (if you’ve noticed it’s the patchwork picture on the back of my blog).  I really enjoyed making this…and it killed me a bit as I made it so far in advance of her birthday that I have had to wait ages for her to have it.  Here are some pictures of her new cover.  Now she can make sure her kindle doesn’t get scratched at home or if she chucks it in her bag/car.  Or she can just use it for prettiness!




















I am pleased with it…the patchwork’s all a bit wonky, but I love it as it was my first attempt and I know she’ll appreciate that.

lara new yorkShe had a birthday escape to the Big Apple, so I haven’t been able to celebrate her birthday with her yet. But we have a date in the diary for belated birthday treats. 

Happy Birthday Croft!  Love you loads you old hag!

Love from me and my little man x

Monday, 8 April 2013

The Easter Bunny brought some sunshine…

Easter has been lovely this year.  We’ve had so much fun along the last few weeks it has truly been non-stop.  My little man made it into nursery for one day before the Easter weekend following him having Chicken Pox, and I’m glad he did as he managed to fit in some Easter craft and an Easter Egg hunt!

Easter Card

Chicks and Eggs from the Egg hunt!









My parents came down to spend time with us (and to do a bit of babysitting!) which was very enjoyable.  We fit in a trip to Marwell Zoo on Good Friday which was a good day out.  It was jolly cold, but we wrapped up warm and made the most of it.  Longdown Dairy FarmMy husband and I then shot off to a friends wedding, and my little man enjoyed a trip to Longdown Dairy Farm with his Granny and Grandad.  They saw little chicks, goats, bunnies…  He’s been very spoilt! Along with roast dinners, chocolate cake, trips to the park…he’s a very lucky boy…

From one bitterly cold weekend with even days of snow in the week to…a weekend of sunshine! That Easter bunny had some sunshine dust hidden in his basket for sure!

So this weekend my little mans other Granny and Granddad came down so, to make the most of the sun, we went off to the aquarium at Bournemouth and then we played on the beach! It was most enjoyable and a bucket and spade P1020700was the perfect accessory.  I’ve put a few pictures on for you.  We are still finding sand appearing everywhere…but hey…who cares?!

We also fit in a spot of shopping (with some snazzy new shoes for him), a yummy roast dinner cooked by my husband, wine, chilling, walks with the dog…it’s been great.

A little bit of sun has been a welcome respite from the long overly drawn out winter.  A little bit of warmth on the skin and being able to be comfortable outdoors without wearing a million layers gives you a bit of a re-charge to the batteries.  It’s almost like we’re cold blooded lizards searching for somewhere warm to bask in the sun.  The sun’s made a little teasing appearance this weekend, but I think he has also decided it is too cold and has gone away again to hibernate. Hopefully Mr Sun will be back soon….!

We have had a wonderful Easter, surrounded by family and friends…now I think it is time for a rest!…time to squirrel myself away for some more crafting I think…

Love from me and my little man x